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Features & Benefits of Arcellor Controls (INDIA) Well-Lok™ Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings

Various tube fittings such as high pressure compression fittings, tube compression fitting, tube ferrule compression fittings, etc. possess outstanding features such as low torque and low stress joints. Understand the features of Arcellor Controls (INDIA) Well-Lock Tube fittings and match up your business requirements. Get to know more features about Material Traceability, UNF/UNEF threads, Silver Plated Nut, Back Ferrules, Front Ferrules.

Hand Assembled Well-Lok™ Fitting & Tube
Fully Assembled Well-Lok™ Fitting & Tube

Arcellor Controls (INDIA) Tube Fittings in material SS316/SS316L are Heat/Lot code traceable.

  • Guaranteed Right Material
  • Improves efficiency, transparency and company integrity.
  • Ensure safety capabilities with increased effectiveness.

The thread UNF/UNEF at compression end of Tube Fittings are cold Rolled

  • Have improved physical characteristics
  • High thread strength
  • Highest surface quality
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Greater resistance to Fatigue
  • Superior wear resistance

Silver Plated Nut

  • Silver plating Extend the fittings life by preventing galling across a wide range of temperature.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Low torque during assembly.
  • No external lubrication required for assembly.
  • Excellent make-up and re-make life.

The leading edge of back ferrules are case hardened.

  • Ensure strong Tube grip.
  • Excellent Vibration Resistance.
  • Leak-free Gas Seal.
  • Reliable performance under high pressure and deep vacuum conditions.

Precision Machined to very close tolerances by monitoring critical dimensions, profile, surface finish, run out and sharp edges.

  • Ensure leak free connections between Tube & Body
  • Leak-free Gas seal.
  • High performance and Safety under high pressure and deep vacuum conditions.

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